20 Reasons to Homeschool – No.3 will shock You!

Sometimes we have a friend or loved one who asks us why we’re homeschooling. Other times, we might have a friend or loved one tell us why they could (or should) homeschool their children.

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20 Reasons to Homeschool

At still other times, the dry and difficult times, we need reminders about WHY we ever started this in the first place. Here are 20 reasons…

1. God teaches us in the Bible that the responsibility for training and educating children rests primarily on the parents, and most often takes place around the home.

2. We can have a greater influence on preparing our children for the trials and responsibilities of adulthood when they are with us for most of the day.

3. We can teach our children the truth of God’s word – something no longer allowed in most schools.

4. It is our constitutional right.

5. We can have the freedom to accomodate our own style of family life without the demands of a structured school setting.

6. We can delegate our children’s education to a certain extent, but we don’t have to put them in sole control of a government school.

7. A one-on-one or small group tutorial education has been proven superior in the academic world.

8. We parents can have more control over the influences of humanism, peer pressure, temptions and role models during our children’s formative years.

9. We parents can have more quality time to train and influence our children, rather than leaving their primary influence to their peers.

10. We can gain the respect of a teacher to our children and walk alongside them as we teach them and as we learn together.

11. We can help our children gain confidence about what they know and develop independent thinking and learning skills.

12. We can be the source of answers to life’s difficult questions and be the emotional support during low points, especially during the teen years.

13. It allows our children more time to explore and think since their academics will be finished in less time.

14. It encourages family unity, emotional closeness and mutual enjoyment.

15. Our families are less stressed because of eliminated time constraints and unwanted, learned behaviors.

16. Each child receives individual attentions and has his own needs met.

17. It is a cost-effective choice when compared to an expensive private school and a “free” public school.

18. We can choose our children’s curriculum based on our own beliefs and understanding of the world in which we live.

19. The social training received at home will produce a stronger sense of personal identity through family contributions.

20. We, as parents, know our children better than anyone else; consequently, we can make their studies fit them individually, without wasting their time or anyone else’s.

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